ART DIRECTION ︎          ︎          ︎ DESIGN ︎          ︎          ︎ STRATEGY ︎          ︎          ︎ SOCIAL ︎         ︎          ︎ CONTENT ︎          ︎          ︎ VERTICAL VIDEO ︎          ︎           ︎ ART DIRECTION ︎          ︎          ︎ DESIGN ︎          ︎          ︎ STRATEGY ︎          ︎          ︎ SOCIAL ︎         ︎          ︎ CONTENT ︎          ︎          ︎ VERTICAL VIDEO ︎          ︎           ︎ CREATIVE DIRECTION ︎           ︎           ︎

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➦ Notes
In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we invited groundbreaking Asian American artists like the creative minds of Emily Ghoul, Tim Chantarangsu, Eyedress, Wolftyla, Satica, Dumbfoundead, Abdullah Saeed and Shawn Wasabi over for some serious destruction therapy to talk about stereotypes in movies and film that need to change.

SMASHING ASIAN AMERICAN STEREOTYPES is a video where we featured talent visiting a studio filled with breakable objects, where they can destroy both physical items and stereotypes. Our Talent will start off by choosing their weapons before they go into a room filled with breakable objects. They will then get to let their rage out and smash everything while they talk about stereotypes pertaining to the APA community and how it affects them.

Creative Lead

Created in collaboration with
Creative Director

Jason Wan

Directed by
Alex Oh

Brandon Widener